Monday, October 5, 2015

Bring it Back Home

This month, I'd like to provide a link to a blog entry that I did for Inner Circle Music, the recording label that I started in 2007. I began this blog in an effort to encourage my fellow artists to share their thoughts, ideas and perspectives with our broad range of music supporters. It isn't a simple task to get musicians and performing artists to express their feelings in words (unless they're singing them). I'm very aware of the numerous demands on everyone's time as well as the challenges of the lifestyle. However, I happen to be a huge fan of artists' tales when expressed in their own words, with no filter. There's something very genuine about it, even if it's not delivered as artistically as their music may be. That's not really my concern - this isn't a spelling bee nor an essay competition. I'm in it for the observations and the stories.

This month's topic covers the idea of self-supported alternative performance spaces for the large numbers of exceptionally talented musicians that all endure the daily frustration of soliciting interest in their work and seeking bookings. In short, the absence of clubs and paying work has made it necessary for artists to look elsewhere for support and receptive audiences.

Inner Circle Music Blog